Murrumbeena Parish

Regular Parish Mass Times

St Patrick's
6 Dalny Rd Murrumbeena VIC3163

  • Sunday 9.00am, 5.00pm
  • Monday 8.30am
  • Tuesday 9.10am Communion Service or Mass
  • Wednesday 9.10am
  • Thursday 9.10am Communion Service or Mass
  • Friday 9.10am
  • Saturday 9.10am

Fatima Centre
205-207 Poath Road Hughesdale VIC3166

  • Monday 12.00pm
  • Tuesday 12.00pm
  • Wednesday 12.00pm
  • Thursday 12.00pm
  • Friday 12.00pm
Saturdays from 9.45am until 10.30am or by appointment with the Parish Priest
Parish Address
6 Dalny Rd
VIC 3163 Australia
Postal Address
Contact Parish Office
Phone: (03) 9568 7365
Fax: (03) 9563 1937
Administrator: Rev Leenus Neetany SAC
Parish Staff
Pastoral Associate: Mr Rodney Dearing